Planning isn’t easy at walking pace, doubly at triple speed (doubly at triple sounds like racing parlance), but there’s grace in quickness. Like Bruce Lee said, we must be like water.

Having recently introduced Rush&Cash, our own take on the Fast-fold formula, we thought we’d give you guys a strategic head start.


What is fast fold poker?

Fast fold is when someone pretending to be tough gets a smack and turns into a kitte- wait, wrong article; that’s from my Tough Guy Monthly column.

Fast Fold is like poker but with a jet engine strapped to your hand, it rips around the felt like a rubber ball and before you know it, the buck is back to you. Who can control such chaos? You can.

Fast-fold, like AoF, strips the game down to its barest constituent elements, it’s play one and then onto the next. After folding you’re moved to another table with a new set of opponents, or practice targets as the case may be.

Others have described it as ADHD poker, multitabling for the quick-minded. While still poker in essence, the mechanics change the game sufficiently to warrant a new set of strategies, even for stalwart veterans.


Ways to win

Besides the obvious ones, like being better than your opponents, telepathy or just plain luck, there’s more sophisticated ways to ensure higher victory %:

1. After each hand you’re seated at a new table, meaning you can’t collect solid data for reads as you play, which may seem disadvantageous, but consider the fact that your opponents likewise do not have information about you and your unique style. As we spoke about in our strategy blog, you must exploit all of your advantages to the Nth degree. As this is a relatively new introduction to our cornucopia of games, many players will start patient for observational purposes; playing aggressively to start is the perfect counter. Your bankroll will thank you

2. Following on from point 1, this can be continually exploited; change up your play style each time, making it difficult to predict and discourage anyone from a confident read

3. If your opponent, like a rocked boxer, is playing tight, stealing the blinds can become a treasure trove in terms of profit; widen your opening range, play as many hands as possible

4. Being aware is the key to winning in any iteration, moreso here. Play lots of hands at the beginning, get choosy towards the end and stay aggressive as a honey badger with any hands you choose to play


Zoom poker is a relatively new commodity. The strategies will grow in complexity as time goes on. Now is the best time to start, find the fish, stack up the rakeback and find what strategy best suits your style and guile.


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